It was an honor to tell the visual story and Union between Cheri + Courtney. I like to thank all the vendors below who made it all possible. This is just a glimpse into their wedding day.

Cake: Cups-n-Cakes

Venue: Copiah County Safe Room

Decorator: Creations by DP

Makeup Artist: Idalan Haymon

Photographer: Bryan Mckenny

Music Dj: Laconny Loyd

Videographer: Bruce Polight

Usually my clients don’t know what to expect when they book me for a wedding or a photo session. Yes, they have seen my work. But each session is different, just as every sunset, each face, and every expression is different. As a photographer it is my job to pull the moment out of my subject, so they see exactly what it is that makes them different.

After all the cropping, retouching, and color correction and countless hours I spend producing images, I just want to see the expression on a client’s face when they see the finished product. That moment is priceless.

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